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Welcome to 3ATALK

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This group is N O T owned, operated, or affiliated with the 3ABN ministry.

It is, however, concerned with that ministry.

Having already done our homework, this forum's intent and purpose is to unapologetically defend and vindicate a ministry of God, i.e. 3ABN, so that they may continue doing the work they have been called to do

All visitors/guests may freely view posts and documents.

All are welcome here and may freely join and become members... All members have access to all the documents and files, but membership here comes with the understanding that posting here is a privilege, and not a right.

This forum is moderated. Submitted posts must be in accord with forum policy and rules of conduct. Offending posts will be removed.

WITHIN those guidelines only - MEMBERS may safely participate in an open and honest discussion, pose questions and get answers, as far as is possible,and share their views and concerns.

We hope and pray that this forum may be a blessing and benefit to all concerned with these issues; which have sadly and unfortunately been made so very ugly, and so very public.
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