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Registration on 3atalk

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Greetings all,

The registration process here has been changed here due to a substantial increase in spammers and spam being posted on this forum during the past week.

Previously anyone could join and post without approval.

Registration now requires approval by an administrator before accounts become active, and CAPTCHA settings are enabled which means new users will need to enter a code to verify they are human.

Members may still submit posts without needing approval beforehand but they of course need to be posted within the forum guidelines if you would like to avoid having them edited or removed.

My apologies to those who are not bots as we initially wanted to make things as simple as possible here. Please be aware that login names which are gibberish or unpronounceable will not be approved, and you will need to supply a working email address.

We don't care who you are, iow you can supply an anonymous email address, but the forum does need a way to get hold of you when and if that ever becomes necessary.

If you are already a member and have not supplied a working email address, then please rectify that asap. An email returned to the forum as undeliverable whether due to a full mailbox or because there is no such address can lead to your membership being suspended.

Thank you,
3atalk Administration
~ Cindy