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Re: Squelching Rumors

Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2011 5:08 pm America/Denver
by Truth
Artiste--where is your proof that supposedly 1 million dollars was given to the IRS? SHOW YOUR PROOF--we are waiting to see it.

But of course you don't have any BECAUSE (drum roll please) IT NEVER HAPPENED!!! But by all means, we AWAIT for your documentation and proof. We asked this before when Pickle started this rumor and he has never shown any proof--not a SHRED of it. And yet you buy what Pickle says hook, line and sinker.

Oh yes, how could I forget? You all on AT get your information from Linda Shelton. It was LS that told you this little piece of information. Unfortunately you are basing your information on pure air--from LS. I'm sorry she fabricates things. But she will get caught soon enough.

But I'm a fair person. Produce your documented proof and I will believe it. Give you one day (24 hours)to get it and post it--then like Pickle likes to do, this proves we are right! :lol:

And remember, the burden of PROOF is on YOU because YOU BROUGHT IT UP FIRST--this is YOUR accusation, not mine. YOU PROVE IT - got 24 hrs.

I'll cut to the chase--THERE IS NO DOCUMENTATION or PROOF because it did NOT HAPPEN.


There you have it folks--the plain TRUTH.

Re: Squelching Rumors

Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2011 8:27 am America/Denver
by Truth
Oh this is priceless--to me, this shows the inept crass mentality of the handful of posters who bow down to whatever Pickle and Linda Shelton has to say.

Childoftheking says it is now "common sense" that 3ABN paid millions (according to Pickle was more than a million) to the IRS. She compares it to Judas stealing and Annanias and Saphira. SERIOUSLY? They have no evidence except what Linda Shelton tells them through Pickle---and they believe her LIES.

Hey Linda--PROVE IT! PROVE your accusation is true--I DARE you to try it. You can't prove squat about this and your silence will prove it. You have NOTHING to prove because you know it isn't true and that you OPENLY LIED.

Pickle won't dare show his supposed documentation because he doesn't have any except what you say.

So toodle-doo to all of you. I'm done with this topic! so, "sticks and stones" --so go ahead and ridicule Truth, 3ABN and whoever else you think should be ridiculed--goes off my back like water off a duck's back. Couldn't care less WHAT you say because you all live in "Delusionville" with Linda and her bf.

BTW - childoftheking is either Sharon Griggs or Johann's T's son who works for the Hope channel. Take your pick.

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Perhaps they will be demanding proof next that Judas taking money out of the money bag was ok (John 12:6) (Desire of Ages page 718) or that Annanias and Saphira lying about thier finances was nobody's business but their own.

Some things are common sense.

Re: Squelching Rumors

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2011 9:05 am America/Denver
by uncovering truth
I wonder if Alex will post an admittance that he jumped the gun when saying Tommy has lost the case by default. By the time stamp on his post I would be surprised if he had spoken with an attorney in regards to his case. My guess is that since his attorney did not call him and let him know if Tommy had met the deadline he assumed Tommy had not. Too bad he didn't realize that the response only needs to be postmarked by the date specified - not be in the courts hand. Additionally, the response would have been submitted to the court, not Alex's attorney. That being the case, if the date was met by post mark there will be no default judgement. I'm going to predict the post mark date was met and that Alex will have to either ignore his foolish "putting the cart before the horse" or pretend he never said what he did . . . probably the latter.

Also, 3ABN's motion to dismiss is solid in all three of its arguments. Don't be surprised, Alex, if at the very least the case is forced to a new venue. There is strong case law support for it being thrown out completely.

Re: Squelching Rumors

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2011 9:11 am America/Denver
by uncovering truth

It is impossible for any of those rumor mongers to provide evidence to support their myths. The only response they have been able to muster when confronted with the request for proof of any kind of payment to the IRS has been "Someone said . . ." "I heard from a person . . ."or some other such bit of nonsense. They can not prove it and are unwilling to admit that if there was action taken, it would have been available in some form of document. Their argument is that since the IRS hasn't said there is no ongoing investigation, nor indicated that there was a payment made, that there must have been a payment made . . . yes, I know, completely illogical, but that is the circular thinking that goes on in Robert, et. al.'s heads. All they need is a desire for something to be true - and it becomes true. To all those with clarity of thought, it is obvious that the announcement made by 3ABN's attorney's was on the money: No charges, No payments, No penalty.

Re: Squelching Rumors

Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 3:54 pm America/Denver
by uncovering truth
Well, well, well . . . looks as if Alex has learned a thing or two about the legal process. Maybe in the future he won't lie about "hearing from his attorney" and blathering on about things as if they are "fact."

Re: Squelching Rumors

Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 5:57 pm America/Denver
by Truth
Well uncovering truth, you are quite right. There is no way anyone over on AT can document their accusations. Just as you said, there IS no documentation or evidence. Their silence is very loud.

As far as Alex's statement about Tommy Shelton facing "judgement" [sic] if he got this information from his lawyer like he stated, then something is bad-wrong with his lawyer :lol: Well, we all know his lawyer said no such thing.

Oh by the way--just to let our readers know: This site has been down and unavailable for access because of one or two people at AT. If this forum is ever down again, please be patient, it will be back up and running as soon as possible. Or you can go to google and look around for a new site if this one doesn't seem to come back up.

Re: Squelching Rumors

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 6:06 pm America/Denver
by Truth
Wow--what else will Linda Shelton tell Pickle? That Danny has flown to the moon with a woman? Maybe that he has a dozen girl-friends and took them to Mazatlan? (look it up) Let's see, what else could be dreamed up and "suggested" on AT about Danny?

Obviously it seems to me Pickle and Linda are devoid of any common sense. Poor Linda must be bored with Arild already.

Do I have to say it?

Well, okay if I must: DANNY IS NOT SHACKING UP WITH ANYONE THAT BREATHES AIR. You know--oxygen--the stuff that goes in and out of your mouth that keeps you alive....

Do you think they'll get it on AT? Hmmm, No

Let's see, is there any way to make this more simple for the simple-minded? -- Danny does not have a gf. GF stands for: girlfriend. He does not have any woman staying at his home with him. There is no lady living in his house. At Danny's address there is no female staying with him. Danny does NOT have a LASS staying with him in his house at his address. There is no MAIDEN with him. Danny is not dating ANYONE. Anyone means: no one, zero, nada, NO and peeled ZERO.

Danny is not dating anyone seriously or even semi-seriously or even at all. NONE, NADA, ZERO, ZIP.

NO one (that means NOT ANYONE) is living with Danny, NO bride, no ladylove, no mistress, no girl, no mate, no old lady, no spouse, no sweetheart, no spouse, no SHE, no MISS, no CHICK, no GAL, no female servant, no wench, no housekeeper, nor maidservant.....NO!

Whew--I'm out of breath. Did I cover them all? Oh yes, I forgot Danny is not living with a little woman in his house, female human being, painted woman or scarlet woman or a mistress or prostitute (in case your little minds thought of the these)....


Danny is not living with a 4th wife because he is not married. Remember? I said "no spouse" twice above--I knew you'd miss it.

This should make it very clear. Oh sorry, you'll have to look up the word: "married" yourself. I'm too tired to explain it to you.

I know the temptation to fanaticize is SO VERY hard to resist but really, try being sane for once.

Re: Squelching Rumors

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 8:26 pm America/Denver
by Stan
I actually hope he does get married again.

Re: Squelching Rumors

Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 9:16 am America/Denver
by Truth
I am reminded of the story of Balaam. Pickle reminds me of him. Balaam thought himself to be a true prophet of God and yet tried his best to curse Israel but never succeeded, instead he could only bless them. Pickle has tried his best to bring ill repute to 3ABN by many false accusations, even going to the Supreme Court--all to no avail. As long as Israel remained true to God, they had a circle of protection put around them.

Read the story of Balaam--read how it ends.

Re: Squelching Rumors

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2012 4:07 pm America/Denver
by Lilly
Of course Truth, you mean Pickle is doing things Balaam did but you're not saying he claims to be a prophet of God right?