IRS exonerated 3ABN

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IRS exonerated 3ABN

Post by Sam »

I have decided to bring over another post by Sam. I feel there is much information, insight and truth in this post.
They can't seem to move on. Now over at AT they are back to TS. Why?
This was not included in the lawsuit against Pickle and Joy. Has
nothing to do with the suit and all of their allegations towards
Danny and 3abn. They know their cause has been blown out of the water
so they go back to something that has no connection with the lawsuit.

Pickle's repetetion makes him seem almost on the verge of lunacy. To
his repeated posts I will reply.

Mr. Pickle, there is something very important that you don't get.
That's why you're in the Pickle your in! (excuse the pun)
Bob, it is totally against God's word to spread rumors about people
when you don't have all the facts...

Here is the problem. You think you have all the facts. You don't.
That's why 3ABN is suing you in federal court. You will no doubt lose
because you are misguided and misinformed. I'm giving you the benefit
of the doubt because if I don't, then I just have to believe that you
are an evil person.

I've heard Danny say on 3abn that no one does evil so happily as
those that think they are in God's will! Galion even recently made
the statement that he is having fun or something to that effect
through this whole process. You and he seem to see yourself as
Martyrs' and even allude to the fact that everyone else doesn't have
the courage to stand up to the evil going on around them. The truth
is, the only evil going around is what you guys have spread and most
have opened their eyes to that fact.

Yes, there are a few triple X's staying around but they have their
own agenda. I say triple XXX because when you look at the small
following left they either are ex spouses, ex felons, or ex employees
with an agenda!

You asked if you should retract some statements. The answer is yes
and I'll give you some examples.

Your defamatory statements about Danny's miss-use of funds either
personally or corporately through 3ABN.

Bob, you had enough information to only make you dangerous. The IRS
closure to the 3ABN investigation totally clears 3ABN and Danny of
any wrong doing! Now tell me Bob, do you have more pertinant
information concerning your allegations than the IRS does?
How could You? Isn't it true that you sent them all your so called
information against Danny and 3ABN? Not only did the IRS have yours
and Gailons and the rest of your little groups information, but most
importantly they had access to all the financial records that you and
Joy do not have. Thousands and thousands of pages of actual facts!
I doubt even you and Joy would say publically that the IRS is
incompetent, though I might be wrong. Even though you guys may think
the IRS is incompetent, no one else with any unbias in this case
would agree with you.

Let me give you an example. You cite personal inurnment with Danny
and Linda on a house. You cite an email that Danny supposedly wrote
about a cash donation. You seem to believe that wrong has been done.
The problem is that you based your decision upon the information you
had at your finger tips which is nothing in comparison to the records
you do not have access to. Then based on that small portion of your
limited information, you have you spread it far and wide and believe
God is giving his blessings for you to do so. Surely I don't have to
give you scripture and verse for spreading false rumors Bob.

What I'm going to say now is key to this situation. Think about it
Bob. The IRS had the pieces to the missing puzzle. You did not. When
the pieces to the missing puzzle came together by the IRS they
dropped the investigation of Danny and 3ABN. I'm not just talking
about the house deal, I'm talking about all the allegations that came
from people who were not in the know and who also did not have all
the pieces.

Why do you think that the IRS never even used the testimony of your
buddies that claimed they had enough on Danny to put him away for
years? Answer: Because not one of you had all the pieces of the
puzzle. I believe the IRS was quickly able to see that you all had
accusations not built on complete facts. To add insult to injury,
they also found out quickly there was an agenda behind those faulty

I'll make an even bigger statement. All of the soliciting you did to
gain (what you thought) was incriminating information came up empty.
Why? Because of those missing puzzle pieces.

What did happen? The IRS took yours AND the accountants and the
auditors and the publishers and the attorneys information and came
out with a complete picture! Without those annoying little puzzle
pieces, what appeared to you to be wrong doing, became exoneration
when all the pieces of the puzzle came together. You can't put a
puzzle together Bob with 3/4 of the pieces missing.

KEY PHRASE: Before you can convict someone of wrong doing you have
to be able to put the whole picture together.
Bob, you could not. Your conclusion: guilty.
The IRS had all the pieces of the puzzle. Their conclusion: Innocent!

Let me ask you a question. Why are you not willing to see the truth
and admit that you are wrong? Church leaders, pastors, and members
around the world are believing and endorsing 3ABN because of the
findings of the IRS.

Could it be Bob that the same spirit that Satan had in heaven that
lead to his downfall is leading to yours? Could it be that pride will
bring you down too?

Pride and hatred will blind one's eyesight when left uncontrolled.
It's not too late. I would ask that you pray and ask God if this is
really what you should be doing as your life's work in the closing
moments of earths history.
Wouldn't you rather be used by God in the saving of souls for the
kingdom rather than be used by the devil for the tearing down of

There's not a doubt in my mind that you will answer to God for what
you have done. I believe that your public war against Danny and 3ABN
have caused people in the valley of decision, to choose against
joining the church. You caused them to take their eyes off of Jesus
and the 3 Angels messages.

What you did show them was hate and contempt for fellow christians
that far surpassed what one can expect from the world.

Bob, I still somehow feel sorry for you and your entire family for
all the needless pain you have caused them.

Remember, as I heard Danny say on the Today program, " The Lord says
to go into all the world proclaiming the gospel and the devil say's

Bob which are you doing? Are you giving the proclamation of the
gospel to the world or have you gone from "gospel to gossip"?
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IRS letter 3ABN

Post by Sam »

Response to IRS letter 3ABN from 3abn news and articles forum

I would think this would be enough closure for anyone. The attorney states specifically that there were no fines or penalities and no money changed hands from 3abn to the IRS.

Why anyone would try to spin this another way is beyond me. I should think that all would be rejoicing...especially the ones that were so certain of wrong doing. As fellow christians shouldn't they be happy that they were wrong?
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Re: IRS Letter

Post by Cynthia »

I noticed Steffan has posted a copy of the letter from Gerald Duffy, an attorney for 3abn to Chairman of the 3abn board, Dr Walter Thompson, in our 3abn news and announcements forum.

Those who haven't seen it can read it here:

In addition, there was an announcement made by the 3abn President, Jim Gilley, on the Thursday night 3abn LIVE program a couple weeks ago about the conclusion of the IRS Investigation, and the clean bill of health 3abn received.

I recorded it but am having some difficulties uploading the video to this forum. I will try and figure it out later, but in the meantime here is a transcript of what was said I've left out the umms, uhs and ahs, and pauses. Forgive me as transcribing is not my forte, but to the best of my ability here is what was said.

Moses Primo:

"Do you have some good news for us?"

Jim Gilley:
Well I do, and some of you may be aware that we have had a IRS Investigation. In fact shortly after I arrived here -- it had nothing to do with me coming here-- [ C.A. Murray, laughing: Praise the Lord.] but the day after I accepted, word came that the IRS was going to do a full investigation.

Now folks, the IRS does this for ministries often. In fact some of you may be very aware of some ministries, some of the larger ministries in this country... I think there's seven of them right now that are being investigated by the IRS. And some of least two of those.. have made big news.

Now these are not ministries that we have anything to do with. These are some of the ministries that are on other networks... but those ministries... some of them cooperated and some of them did not.

When they came to our door... well no one invites this type of thing... We have audits every year from public auditors, they look at everything we do. We believe that they are very competent. They are a large firm from Chicago, they have an office near here... But at the same time, when the IRS comes.... We looked at it as an opportunity because if we had made mistakes, then they would tell us what we needed to correct and we would correct these things. However, if after looking at our books they gave us a clean bill of health... [ Moses Primo praise the Lord] IF they did... we would say: "this is great" because this is probably the most efficient organization in the world. Now, by the way, you hear a lot of horror stories about the IRS.. Those agents that came here were dedicated people. They were good people. They were very efficient people. They went through... we supplied them with.. and they took off of our premises over a 100,000 documents. Now that includes documents... our documents and documents of people who we have done business with... They went through all of these with a fine tooth comb and after nine months of investigation they recently called, and said; "what do you want us to do with the documents?" And they said "Do you want us to destroy them or return them?"

Now when they call you like that, that means the investigation is over. And then our attorneys called with the very good news that the investigation was now complete. it was over. [Moses: Praise the Lord!] That is right. We were found to not have any adjustments which needed to be made. There were no penalties put upon us, nor on Danny Shelton. We were all found to be totally square and above board.

Now that's no surprise to us. Larry Ewing was our head accountant, and a more careful man I have never known, but we praise God for this because now we can get right back into what we do best, and that is spreading the three angels messages.

~ Cindy
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Re: IRS Letter

Post by Sam »

If we use some sound reasoning here....if these public announcements and conclusions were wrong, the IRS would have been jerking heads every which way. The first being the Attorney that wrote the letter saying the investigation was over. If it wasn't truly over there would be more trouble than you could shake a stick at.
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Response to Adventist Today Article

Post by Donna »

On July 29th, Marcel Schwantes posted the following article on Adventist Today:

It is available to AToday subscribers at the following link: ... estigation

And in our "3ABN news and articles" forum at the following link:

Adventist Today is in receipt of a letter which addresses a topic which has been of interest to a number of our readers about the on-going story of the 3ABN ministry. We are attaching this letter (in PDF below) that was recently posted publicly on the 3Atalk forum.

Gerald Duffy, an attorney for 3ABN, writes the letter to 3ABN Chairman, Dr. Walter Thompson regarding the nine-month IRS investigation which reviewed all the financial records of 3ABN between 2000-2006.

It appears that, for now, 3ABN and Danny Shelton have been cleared from allegations of financial wrongdoing.

Here are excerpts from the attorney's letter, which you can read by clicking on the link below:

"The offer by the investigating agencies to destroy all of the copies produced brings closure to the investigation in a manner favorable to 3ABN and Danny Shelton. Contrary to statements being made by enemies of 3ABN and Danny Shelton's ministry, no adverse actions either civil or otherwise have resulted from the inquiry."

An announcement was also made by 3ABN president, Jim Gilley, on a live broadcast of a 3ABN program a few weeks ago. Gilley states on the program that "our attorneys called with the very good news that the investigation was now complete. it was over. That is right. We were found to not have any adjustments which needed to be made. There were no penalties put upon us, nor on Danny Shelton. We were all found to be totally square and above board."

Thank you Adventist Today and Marcel Schwantes. We are praising the Lord from whom all blessings flow.

"Most startling messages will be borne by men of God's appointment, messages of a character to warn the people, to arouse them. And while some will be provoked by the warning, and led to resist the light and evidence, we are to see from this that we are giving the testing message for this time." Evangelism, p. 168.
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AT thread "3ABN exonerated by IRS investigation"

Post by Cynthia »

All of this continues despite the publicized letters, articles and announcements made that the IRS investigation has concluded and 3abn and DS have been exonerated...

Because for some reason, some still choose to believe that Pickle and Joy, who are being sued for defamation per se and have only their own theories and conclusions, altho zero expertise or info from the IRS, and Fran, who filed her complaint and has zero info from the IRS about the conclusion to their investigation, are more credible than the Attorneys representing 3abn during that investigation, and who werecontacted by the IRS, those at 3abn involved in the investigation, or related to them and privy to the info, or even a Adventist magazine. These people apparently want to believe that all who are "in the know" and are involved and have this info which they lack have all either been bamboozled or are lying.... with zero evidence to support that premise.

I guess that makes them happy to believe evil of others without all the evidence, and without any proof??

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Re: 3ABN exonerated by IRS investigation
« Reply #171 on: September 26, 2008, 11:14:23 PM »


I have NEVER seen Fran insinuate that she has inside contacts at the IRS. Anyman, you are making a very serious accusation here against the integrity of a government agency. Please post a link to where Fran has ever made such a statement. If you cannot do that within 30 minutes, I will delete this post and initiate a cooling off ban on your access here. I will also lobby strongly to have it extended.


Quote from: anyman on September 26, 2008, 11:03:55 PM


Quote from: Fran on September 26, 2008, 09:50:25 PM
anyman wrote:
Fran's inside contacts have failed her and she seems to have not been able to get the IRS to return her calls.
i never said they did not return my calls. I did not say they were "inside contacts". They are the actual IRS agents. I am not an insider to them. They WILL contact me when they are finished and all is complete. Please be careful in what you say.

I just wanted to clarify that or some may be led to believe the IRS is corrupt. I don't believe that to be the case.

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Of course Anyman was not "making a very serious accusation here against the integrity of a government agency" nor any accusation against them at all. It was Fran his allegations were against and was posting regarding her comment that her IRS contact would let her know what is happening...
~ Cindy
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Re: 3ABN exonerated by IRS investigation

Post by Cynthia »

After anyman was banned for "False allegations against the IRS". :roll:
Fran posted the following.

Re: 3ABN exonerated by IRS investigation
« Reply #172 on: September 26, 2008, 11:47:36 PM »


You are correct. I have had past contacts with the IRS. Those are personal contacts, not investigators of Danny Shelton and 3ABN or any other 501 c 3. That is a special unit I believe. There are many employeed by the IRS that are NOT agents or investigators.

I have never had contact with the IRS that is/has conducting/conducted the investigation of Danny or 3ABN. I have a contact person that I do not know, that I can continue (as in the present) to provide information to. Sorry.

I don't have a clue what this person has to do with the investigation if any, but this person can contact the investigators. I have had NOTHING to do with the IRS Investigators dealing with 3ABN or any of the Shelton's...
Re: 3ABN exonerated by IRS investigation
« Reply #173 on: Yesterday at 12:19:48 AM »


I believe what Anyman is referring to is some comments I made about my having government contacts way back in 2004/2005 posted on Club Adventist. It is impossible, I have been told, to link to those files. (I believe they are still hanging around.)

I believe time and memory have led him to believe something I did not say.

Just so there is no mistake.. Here is exactly what I am quite sure was being referred to as what Fran has "claimed" on AdventTalk in 2008 (not on CA in 2004) about her contact with the IRS: ... ml#msg8224
Re: eBay Sales Controversy?
« Reply #51 on: June 18, 2008, 01:26:24 AM »

I still would like my question answered how you got the eBay ID of Tammy Chance: 812worden ?

I have been told I am not allowed to tell how I found the user id's of all the sellers I am aware of. The IRS has implemented my technique into their cases involving eBay. They have told me some things I am not allowed to talk about. I am sorry I can't help you. ... ml#msg9260
Re: Did you hear the news?
reply #143
on: July 01, 2008, 10:15:08 PM
I won't comment about the IRS Criminal Investigation. I have not received any communication that this information is true, but if it is, I will rejoice along with others about the findings... ... ml#msg9850
Re: Answers to Posts from the Other Yahoo Site
« Reply #107 on: July 12, 2008, 03:46:47 PM »


No, I have heard nothing about the Criminal Investigation coming to an end. You should have received a statement of some kind from the IRS. I don’t believe the IRS produces exoneration letters just to say they are squeaky. If that were true, there would not have even opened an investigation.

As for the IRS contacting me; once I am contacted, I may or may not be able to tell anyone anything. If I get a sum of money, I can't tell how much or talk about anything. I will not be able to confirm or deny having been contacted. I will not tell anyone anything. So as of right now I have not been contacted.

If you have time, it would be good for everyone to read all 5 pdf documents here: ... record.htm

All it takes is reading. I think that most could understand what they read and see.

I am sorry I have not been helpful to anyone. I am just waiting.

I wrote this several days ago, and decided to wait until I heard something.
Then I decided if it is over, as 3ABN says. Reading this audit will do no harm to 3ABN. ... ml#msg9921
Re: Answers to Posts from the Other Yahoo Site
« Reply #132 on: July 14, 2008, 02:19:00 AM »

Considering the events of the last few days, I am devastated. They say it is over; however, it isn't over with me yet....

My correspondence with the IRS is not on my hard drive. I believe the Criminal Investigation is not over. I have left a message with my IRS point of contact. I will find out if it is really over. I am also going to ask for protection

As for me, remember, IRS IT forensics can find out who was on my computer and took my information.
I believe all of us understand what has happened again, again, again, again, again, and again. Please stop ... l#msg10912
Re: 3ABN exonerated by IRS investigation
« Reply #56 on: July 30, 2008, 04:40:56 PM »

Just Checking in. I have NOT heard ANYTHING about everything being over. I haven't heard from the IRS in over a week. In my opinion, it is not "completely" over. Just my $ .02. ... l#msg11050

Re: 3ABN exonerated by IRS investigation
« Reply #85 on: August 02, 2008, 04:44:26 PM »
3ABN's was off site. They should have stayed on site.

I still haven't heard anything. Silence is golden sometimes. Once I hear, I will not say a word about it! ... l#msg13830

Re: Approved SDA Media Outlet Publishes an Article about the IRS Investigation
« Reply #215 on: September 15, 2008, 01:56:20 AM »

I am so confused! The IRS promised to notify me as soon as possible once the investigation was over. I haven't heard a thing! Does this mean it is still ongoing?
~ Cindy
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Re: AT thread "3ABN exonerated by IRS investigation"

Post by Fran »

Well, all of those posts are the truth. Are you confused yet? If I did not know each circumstance, I might be confused.
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Re: AT thread "3ABN exonerated by IRS investigation"

Post by steffan »

Fran wrote:Well, all of those posts are the truth. Are you confused yet? If I did not know each circumstance, I might be confused.
You knew the circumstance of the accounting at 3ABN but willfully chose to ignore it and continued to accuse them of wrong doing. More than a year ago, ShinyPenney on bsda had already made it clear that your delusions regarding 3ABN's accounting were exactly that - delusions. I reproduce that post here.
Taken from: ... ntry194088
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post May 4 2007, 02:47 AM
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(Fran @ May 3 2007, 10:22 PM)

Choose the 2001 Form 990. An Adobe document will appear (All Documents cited here are in PDF format. Save them to your hard drive for future reference) Go to page 17 of this document.

Read Statement #2 . This is where the $ 2,451,034 in Trust Fund information is found. It also includes the $14,282.00 of other ministries money being posted to 3ABN Income. Also they had not declared $13,862 in gains on certain Marketable Securities. Oops.


The links to the Form 990's are at

On the left column click the title Danny Shelton
Select Financial Allegations
Select Form 990's

This will get you to the IRS Form 990's. Remember, Documentation, Documentation, Documentation.
Fran, Wow! Thank you for taking the time to provide the links, details and interpretations of the data found. I'm writing a rather long, detailed and technical response, in part because your post was also detailed. I haven't had the chance to check all of what you sent me, but I did check the 2001 990. The auditor's concerns (as reported in the lawsuit documents) and what you had posted - gravely concerned, even alarmed, me. But, as I show below, there is no reason to be alarmed - at least not about the 990 in 2001.

The 990 states (and please correct me if I am wrong) - the information posted in Statement 2 (page 17):
Form 990, Part 1, Line 20

Record split interest agreements previously unrecorded, $2,451,034
Reclassification of amounts due to other ministries previously classified as temporarily restricted, ($14,282)
Net unrealized gains on marketable securities, $13,862.
So I went back to part 1, Line 20 and that line reads "Other changes in net assets or fund balances (attach explanation)"

I interpret this to mean that this 990 is correcting prior mistakes/errors and sometime in 2001 3ABN had recorded the previously unrecorded split interest agreements and also recorded the unrealized gains on marketable securities. To go into a little more detail on the unrealized gains - these gains were described as unrealized. Meaning that the end of year value of the securities was greater than the beginning of year value, but the marketable securities had not been sold during the year - hence the gain is unrealized. This is a paper gain that should have been recorded in an earlier year (2000?), but had not been. It seems to me that you are familiar with accounting and so would know that prior period adjustments (such as this unrealized gain) are made directly to retained earnings in the case of a corporation and in the case of not for profit organization would be an adjustment to the fund balance. Which is exactly what 3ABN did. Therefore, I am relieved to see that 3ABN had made the correction to the prior periods error!

About the amounts due to other ministries, according to the the 990 these amounts had previously been classified as temporarily restricted and were now being reclassified to something else. I didn't see what they were being classified to, but since this amount is in parenthesis (meaning it is being subtracted) would indicate that in this correction 3ABN was removing that amount from its fund balance. To get a bit technical here (and probably lose the rest of the readers who would have gotten even this far in my post) we know that the debit was to some restricted account (I assume restricted cash) and was improperly credited to some account (such as donations or something similar) that increased the fund balance. I supposed that this is an easy enough mistake to make and part of the reason books are audited - to find material errors and misstatements. Anyway, the good news is the auditors caught the mistake and that 3ABN made the correction in 2001 as is reported in the 990.

These are perfectly good explanations for what happened. You are correct when you said "3ABN did not post $2.45 MILLION Dollars in TRUST FUNDS in 2001." Well at least partly correct, the year would have been 2000 or earlier. The 990 shows that they corrected this in 2001.

But when you say "They also mis-posted over $14,000 of money meant to be forwarded to other Independent Ministries. The funds went straight into the 3ABN coffers. I still wonder what Ministries did not get their money" I beg to differ. Truth be said, of course the money went straight into 3ABN's coffers. It was sent to 3ABN and would go into their coffers before going out of the 3ABN coffers into another ministry's coffers. We don't have any indication that any ministry did not get its money in 2000 - we only know that 3ABN did not record the receipt of the cash properly. In other words, we know that 3ABN made a mistake with the accounting when the cash came into the coffers. This tells us nothing about any transaction transferring the money out of the coffers. And again the 990 tells us that in 2001 3ABN made the correction to its books.

I'll have to take the time to investigate the other points you brought up, to see if 3ABN is correcting mistakes, or just making them and leaving them be. But so far the verdict is the 3ABN is making the corrections.

God bless.

Shiney Penny (now starting to follow the money around)

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--Shiny Penny--
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Re: AT thread "3ABN exonerated by IRS investigation"

Post by steffan »

And Shiny Penny had this to say, many months later.
Taken from: ... 308&st=270
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post Mar 16 2008, 10:34 AM
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Stan (I am responding to you comments on another thread) - nearly a year ago I responded to the repititious statements of Fran about the accounting at 3ABN. I beg to differ with Fran's statements...but she keeps repeating them, even though there is sufficient evidence that her conclusions are incorrect. Anyone who has basic accounting knowledge and reviews the documents will see that Fran is just plain old wrong, but let her carry on...she may be fooling some, but she's not fooling me!

--Shiny Penny--
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