Private letters - published by 3ABN's accusers

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Private letters - published by 3ABN's accusers

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Johann Thorvaldsson released this letter,(written before Linda's employment was terminated,or her position on the 3ABN board was removed. It has been published on various forums and websites (Pickle and Joy's save-3abn website being first and foremost) with commentary inserted - that commentary been deleted here so the original letter may speak for itself)

------- Original Message --------
From: Walt Thompson
To: Johann Thorvaldsson
Subject: 3abn
Date: May 2004

If we like, we can continue to nurse this dialog of battle over Linda and involve the whole church and whole world in the warfare. Should we do so, God in His great mercy may still find a way to bring good out of it as He did when He took ancient Israel to Babylon. I would prefer that He have a more faithful people to give Him a better, more powerful witness.
I do not agree with your belief that Linda is being victimized.

But though we disagree we still need to work together to find solutions.

Accordingly, I would be pleased if you would submit to me in writing a comprehensive account of the allegations you have about the way 3ABN has treated Linda. I would like this to be comprehensive with whatever documentation you can provide so that we may assess it accurately.

Once this has been done, my request is that you discontinue further correspondence with Linda or anyone else regarding this matter. In this way we will have the information we need to act, and you will have opportunity to pursue your work of spreading the Good News to Europe. Our work there has been too long stagnate while we have been fighting.

It is my determination to give Linda every opportunity to restore her home and ministry should she be willing.

She has been offered a proposal whereby this may happen. Only she can decide what she will do with it, but all of us at 3ABN want her to choose right. All are desirous of helping her - NONE trying to hurt her.

She may disagree with our proposal, in which case she will be given opportunity to tell her side of the story before the board.

In fact, if she were to desire to bring her case to a neutral party of the Church - and accept the publicity such an event would generate - I would welcome it. When all is said and done, it is my intent that no one will be able to honestly say we have not done everything possible to save her and her place of service.
As you can confirm, I have not expressed any judgments about Dr. Abrahamson other than to say that he is in the wrong for continuing a relationship, even a doctor-patient relationship, that is destroying the very thing he is trying to save. Having said that, a continuation of communication between Europe and Linda will place the board in a place where we must deal with an insubordinate member of the organization. She has been asked on numerous occasions to discontinue the relationship, first by her husband who is also her superior in ministry, by her pastor, by her board chairman, and now by the committee of the board created to seek resolution. Likewise, both you and Dr. Abrahamson have defied our requests to cease communication with Linda. While I can forgive this action on the mistaken belief that it is helping Linda, there comes a point when defiance must be dealt with lest it destroy the whole organization. If you are so concerned about Linda, and I believe you are, you will encourage her to get help here and break off the relationship there. Certainly there are people in America that can give her the help she needs.

Thank you for helping me to meet with Dr. Abrahamson by phone. We had a good discussion that gave me opportunity to hear his side of the story, a thing I appreciate.
While we are going through this challenging time, please confine ALL further discussion about this matter to me or if unreachable, Bill Hulsey or Nick Miller (other members of the committee). In my mind this matter must not continue to spread - for the sake of Linda, 3ABN, and the world church and cause of God.

Your continued earnest prayers are cherished as we accept this responsibility.

Sincerely in Jesus' precious name,

Walt T
~ Cindy